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Good Food, Well Prepared.

All food is prepared with fresh ingredients each and every day, with our residents having a choice of dishes at every meal. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, suppers, snacks – and of course quite a few cups of tea and coffee to visiting friends and family members!

We place a high priority on the quality and variety of food available at Oaklands and allow residents to have their say on the menu offering in resident’s meetings, which directly influences what items make it onto our regularly updated menu. Alongside this, there are multiple theme nights throughout the year where different foods from around the world are showcased. Of course, residents can always request an alternative option if these are not to taste.

We are used to managing special diets, in particular catering for diabetics. We also cater for a variety of individual dietary requirements and welcome a variety of dietary needs including veganism, lacto-ovo vegetarianism and pescatarianism.

Correct food handling, preparation and cleanliness are vital in a place such as this. We have been awarded a Recipe 4 Health certificate by Lancashire District Council and a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 ‘Very Good’ out of 5 stars by the Food Standards Agency. That was important to us because the kitchen never really closes.

Equipment And Compliance

We have a large lounge on the ground floor where residents are encouraged to spend at least part of their day socialising with other residents.

Of our forty-four bedrooms all have hand washbasins. Six have en suite facilities. All rooms, and all furniture and equipment within them, are independently checked to ensure compliance with local and national guidelines. We conduct regular staff fire drills, kitchen and laundry inspections, and employee training sessions.

Oaklands Nursing Home is equipped with stair lifts, numerous ramps and rails, and a large passenger lift. All rooms are designed to accommodate specialist and electronic beds, as well as wheelchair access. Lifting equipment is available to help clients in and out of bed and chairs. All bathrooms are adapted for use by people with limited mobility.

Looking After The Details

Nothing says ‘home’ quite like having your own possessions around you. Whether they’re pictures, cherished items of furniture, or even a familiar bed, they all add to the comfort of your surroundings. At Oaklands Nursing Home we’re happy to accommodate personal belongings as far as it’s practical to do so. Televisions, music systems and radios are also no problem, although for health and safety reasons we may have them PAT tested.

All rooms are painted and redecorated before clients move in, and colour schemes matched to new occupants’ tastes wherever possible. Oaklands has recently undergone a comprehensive refurbishment of the Lounge and Dining Room area, complete new range of comfortable seating and a residents tropical fish tank.