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The finest quality care for your loved ones
“Don’t you take me back home,’ said my grandmother. She’d never been afraid of anything, but she was frightened about going home. She felt safe here.”

David, whose grandmother Jessie moved in to Oaklands Nursing Home, aged 100.

“It’s a nice, bright family place, where people are well looked after.”

Linda, who works at Oaklands Nursing Home and whose mother and mother-in-law are past and present clients.

“Everyone we asked said good things about Oaklands Nursing Home. We were concerned about her appetite before moving in, but here she’s put on a (much needed) stone in weight.”

Michael, whose mother Alice moved in to Oaklands whilst quite frail.

“The staff at Oaklands are excellent. You just can’t fault them.”

Stephen, whose father moved in to Oaklands Nursing Home.

“The nurse had a lovely warm smile and I know that my mother is better here. I have no hesitation in recommending Oaklands.”

Valerie, whose mother Pat moved in to Oaklands Nursing Home.