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The finest quality care for your loved ones
Our Approach

To provide a welcoming, friendly and safe place to live for residents

To listen to the needs of our residents, support them and provide ample opporuntity for feedback to develop the service provided by the home

To provide stimulation and encouragement to our residents through regular activities and events

To build a reputation of delivering good quality services and promote trustworthiness

To build strong relationships with the local community and residents/groups

To safeguard each resident

To provide the best standard of care from our qualified staff who have the experience and know how to enhance the quality of life for our all residents

To promote each and every individual resident’s human rights

To promote the residents well being by promoting their physical, emotional and mental health through a well experienced and caring team of nurses and carers

Quality Nursing And Care

At Oaklands Nursing Home we have a depth of experience caring for individuals with specialised needs including stroke patients, those with partial paralysis, reduced mobility, and loss of speech and swallowing reflex.

Regardless of circumstance we make a point of visiting every prospective client, either at their home or at hospital, to conduct a pre-admission assessment. It’s quite a detailed process, but we do it to ensure that we fully understand each person’s individual capabilities and needs. It covers the obvious (whether the stroke has affected speech) to the light-hearted (do they have a favourite dessert). Should the client then decide to come and live at Oaklands Nursing Home we’ll be ready to meet their requirements.

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Clean Living

We not only work to the standards set by the local council and Gold Standard Framework in Care Homes, but try always to raise the bar beyond that.

All rooms are cleaned daily, and bedding changed often. Our laundry is done on-site.

Staff Training

Training is an ongoing process at Oaklands Nursing Home. Skin relief, for example, is also taken seriously, and where necessary, all bed patients are turned every two hours.

Apart from that there are regular in-house training sessions involving all members of staff.